Attributes Edit

  • Movement speed significantly increased
  • Luigi now gains super-armor for the first second he crouches, which allows him to crouch-cancel attacks.

Ground attacks Edit

  • Forward smash produces a larger explosion, with more power when sweetspotted.
  • Dash attack now covers the whole stage, and moves much faster. Has no ending lag.

Aerial attacks Edit

  • Forward aerial is now lagless
  • Down aerial is much stronger and has no sourspot.

Throws/other attacks Edit

  • Down taunt's speed has been majorly increased, and instant-kills the target.

Special moves Edit

  • Fireball is now much stronger, and spikes offstage targets.
  • Up-special now has no sourspot, and has significantly less landing lag.
  • Down-special now sends Luigi extremely high, and spikes offstage targets.
  • Side-special now always misfires.

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