Attributes Edit

  • Movement speed heavily increased
  • Mario has super-armor while crouching, allowing him to crouch-cancel.

Ground attacks Edit

  • Forward smash's damage and kill-power have both been heavily increased.
  • Up smash comes up significantly faster, and has no ending lag, allowing it to be used as a combo tool.
  • Up tilt works similarly to how it does in Smash4, which lets it be a better combo tool.

Aerial attacks Edit

  • Forward aerial is now much stronger and no longer has a sourspot.
  • Down aerial now has no lag and can be cancelled into any move, including itself.

Throws/other attacks Edit

  • Back throw's kill-power has been heavily increased, now reliably killing under 70%
  • Up taunt now gives Mario a mushroom, growing him.

Special moves Edit

  • [B] Fireballs are much stronger in both damage and knockback, and also spike offstage targets.
  • [^B] Super-Jump-Punch now spikes offstage targets.
  • F.L.U.D.D. no longer needs to be charged, as it is always at its maximum level. It now deals damage and deals higher knockback
  • [>B] Cape now puts target into special fall

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